20.11.2017: Horology Ventures Acquires the Swedish Watch Brand, GAXS Watches

20.11.2017: Horology Ventures Acquires the Swedish Watch Brand, GAXS Watches

Recently, Horology Ventures has taken on the Swedish watchmaker and retailer, GAXS Watches. GAXS Watches is an independent Swedish watch brand that started up in the year 2012. They were created with the idea in mind to design classic style watches that were of the highest quality without costing too much money.

This watch brand wanted to be able to give their customers the ability to own and wear different watches depending on the season but understood that money was a large contributing factor in a person’s ability to do so. With this in mind, their company was born, and they succeeded.

Months were spent building their first watches, and they have continued to evolve in the years since their inception. These watches offer clean, modern and minimalistic designs that are accessible to anyone who is interested in wearing them. They use classic materials such as stainless steel for their cases while also using other traditional watch strap materials such as genuine leather and canvas. These watches are all sleek and stylish and available at a fair price.

Horology Ventures has recently taken over the brand, but very little if anything has changed. The watches will still be produced as they were before with only the best of the best in Swedish craftsmanship behind them. The daily operations will be taken over by the team currently behind WatchBandit, Horology Ventures company that specializes in bringing together a number of unique and modern timepieces. For this reason the GAXS Watches will fit right into the existing inventory.

In the coming year, GAXS Watches will be releasing their brand new collection in the Spring of 2018, the fourth one in their long line of successful watches. The company will continue on as before with creating brand new minimalistic watches that anyone can appreciate.

Horology Ventures is a company that is based in Europe. Not only does Horology Ventures with WatchBandit now sell GAXS Watches, they also sell dozens of other minimalistic watch collections that are of a similar style to GAXS Watches. This company strives to bring together collections of watches that lovers of minimalism can appreciate.

Through their company, watch lovers everywhere are sure to find the perfect minimalistic watch to suit their needs. This aligns with the dream of GAXS Watches who wanted to create watches that were accessible to everyone, both in style and in affordability.

Going forward, customers will be able to find all GAXS Watches on WatchBandit’s website and on GAXSWatches.com. It is believed that by being acquired by Horology Ventures, GAXS Watches will obtain greater visibility to the community and will therefore be able to thrive under their company. To learn more about WatchBandit as a company or to see the location where GAXS Watches are created and sold, visit their website. Stay in touch to see the launch of GAXS Watches among many others.

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